* Note: The names of the people, places and events concerned have been changed or abbreviated to protect the innocent. Namely, me.

The kids who know it feels good to be bad are back, and me, your local Citizen gossip girl have been all but too ready to monitor the goings on. There was yet another HUGE party last night and, as usual, there was no reason for it except to see and be seen. And oh boy, did some people get seen...

Split DID come to the party with his new... (ehem)...friend. Not that the oh so gorgeous Swordie was anything less than the most fabulous date in the kingdom. Nothing serious happened, though. Swordie, albeit a bit isolated, like Split over there, seemed to be content just sitting at one of the tables and chatting with him. Unfortunately, like most member of the MCity cache, Split's got low alcohol tolerance and someone slipped him a glass of mixed drink (Swordie??). So Swordie had the wonderful opportunity to carry him home. Lucky bastard. I swear, it's got the girls (and boys) singing praises in envy.

Feather came to the party along with his entourage. Not shocking. Feather kissed Ragamuffin. THAT was shocking. I have photos--kill me if you don't believe me still. Is Feather that desperate to forget Game? Not that there wasn't anything magnetic between Feather and Ragamuffin already. But one of the best parts of the party was when Brotherhood pulled him off Ragamuffin, who held him back and there was a tug-of-war until Ragamuffin gave and Feather went to Brotherhood.

The Guy Who Wasn't Single But Available
You can't blame Feather for being the way he is--naah. He was a guy too hot to handle as well as too hot to sit and be good in one place, so it'd be natural they he'd chase after Game. Hell, anyone in the City would chase after Game. I want Game! And worse, Trouble actually has Game. Doesn't that just kill you? It's killing, Feather, that's for sure. So it's like a tear between should he swoop in and snatch Game or let Game be happy with Trouble? Well shit, Feather's drinking and smoking pot like crazy just to forget. And he was juuust getting over it when SUDDENLY--like a thunderbolt out of the clear blue sky--Game is suddenly available again? And practically being dangled at Feather like you'd wave a biscuit to a starving dog!


Yes, well. Feather's had enough, and he especially doesn't like pity handouts. (eyebrow raise) He wants him, he can go get to his senses and go after him and show him a bit more appreciation, but until then, Game and Trouble can go bang their heads together. And I mean that in only the best, sweetest way possible.  What's next for Feather, other than dumping Game (who, by the way, is already "out of fashion" in the City due to the whole thing with Feather) into the reject list? Time and kisses can only tell...

Halt! Princess Speaks!
Okay. So in the same party, Princess was there too. And Princess is down so bad that not even Royalty could do anything about it and that's saying something. Not even Princess' harem of "people who love" have noticed it yet, but is that a good thing? One notices a large money transfer. Princess is getting ready to bail? But all Princess said was, "I said I'd do anything for him. And this is something I haven't tried yet." Mmm...careful, careful, Princess. You might be biting off more than you can chew.

The In, the Out, and the "Seen, Owned and Returned"
Shockingly, the hated are now the best loved in the City, and the best loved (coughGamecough) is out of date. Ah, but like they say, women are like weathercocks, changing direction with the wind--and right now, the wind's blowing over the fence and there is a HUGE demand for the hotties residing there. Swordie, no shockers there, is one of them. But we leave the goo-goo-eyeing to Split at that. XD Man, some people are just late, late late! The worst jam that can happen to a company is to not supply when in demand then have a clearance sale when the consumers are all tired of waiting and have moved to the next flavor of the month!

Get your credit cards out, girls and fays, we're going shopping. Downtown MCity's where the party's at, and get ready for a sale--it's raining guys so be sure only to bed the cream of the crop! And I'll be there to watch the whole thing.

You know you love me!