* Note: The names of the people, places and events concerned have been changed or abbreviated to protect the innocent. Namely, me.

The kids who know it feels good to be bad are back, and me, your local Citizen gossip girl have been all but too ready to monitor the goings on! Today's entry is mostly Foreigner-oriented--just because some secrets are just getting WAY TO HOT to keep. :D:D

As They Say, If You Can't Take The Heat, Stay Out of The Kitchen

            Okay. So the other day, we saw some definite action that got me biting down on my nails when I swore I wouldn't bite em. Anyway, Split went over to Kitty's place--er, his work place anyway--and that was just fine, normal, no big deal. Split and Kitty work together in their (ehem) undercover work... And so it was normal. Anyway, Kitty hadn't been feeling so hot considering that his crush doesn't seem to be noticing him--that and he was publicly rejected by the man, or so we heard (the thing was LIVE TELEVISION--I was shocked that the poor thing didn't cry.).  We were so ready to throw him to someone else--someone who actually gave a hoot about him? Like Carmine. :D 

            Where was I? Oh yes. Anyway, so Split went over to see Kitty and everything. I think he came over to cheer him up. So Split and Kitty were talking in front of the place when out of nowhere, a car pulls up. It was a fancy car, and I thought for five minutes that Ripper actually came to get Split, but it wasn't him. And we were all surprised to see the incredibly to-die-for handsome Kamen step out of the car. Apparently he was coming to personally check on some things. I found that wierd considering that Kamen wouldn't step a foot out of his office unless it was that time of year, but then I realized, as they all talked--that he must've come to see Kitty. /:) Really smooth, hottie. Anyway, he said something that made Kitty laugh and he gave him this scarlet carson (it's an extinct rose--I guess it ain't so extinct. XD). Even Split raised his eyebrows at this one. That was when we all knew (well, everyone except Kitty over there--who was being dense, for a supposedly intelligent person) that Kamen had a thing for Kitty. Which was FANTASTIC! :D :D Approves all around, peoplel. Approve!!

          Last seen, Kamen bid Kitty goodbye but hopes to see him again. XD And I am more than positive that a guy like Kamen would surely drop by again to see our dear sweetie. Take THAT! XDXD

Ooooh, a Crush Story!

Okay. So I seriously was surprised to find out that Ouji over here had a...controversial preference. XD Then again, aren't we all here in this happy planet? But it's all good--it's all good. Anyway, at first, we were kinda sure that he was gunning for Happy-Go-Lucky over there. XD But then after that shockingly scandalous event that so frequents late nights of heavy drama and dramatic rainshowers--and by that, I mean the kicking of that which boys call Hormones--there really wasn't much progress. Wow--third base without closure? XD Kids these days... Anyway. It was then that dear Ouji went over to Happy-Go-Lucky's place with no real definite agenda besides to see his dearest when SUDDENLY. Something FATAL happened.

          Cue sappy music, but he locked eyes with a very handsome someone. /:)

          I shit you not--the boy blushed upon seeing him. XD Who would've thought? Ouji was standing there, gaping like an idiot--I tell you, me and the others wanted to HURL something at him--but I guess we can't blame him. XD Heheh, the person he saw was Whitelight, who was currently engaged in a bit of sport at the time--he was trouncing someone at it too--and we can't really blame Ouji for being that way. Hell I was that way the first time I saw Whitelight. :D ANYWAY! Like I said, we can't blame Ouji for looking, but we'll have to concede to ask why Whitelight was looking back. /:) Of course, you can't really judge anything by that, considering it was his normal, frigid expression--but he was looking at Ouji, stopping what he was doing long enough for the guy he was trouncing--Whiplash--to ask what was wrong with him. Whitelight just looked at Ouji for a moment more before turning back to what he was doing.
          I swear, I was hearing fireworks. Anyway, Ouji couldn't tear his eyes from Whitelight's impressive combat skills, and he watched until they finished their spar. And after that, he stared at Whitelight a bit longer, and then blushed and thought it would be best to leave. /:) That is until Whitelight suddenly told him to stop, and to wait. I swear, the boy grew roots. XD You couldn't have moved him with an earthquake. So Whitelight went over--with that same stolid unreadable expression on his face, and they talked awhile. It was a short talk, and very 'read each other' sort of talk. Whitelight recognized him, and Ouji'd heard of him too, and Whitelight asked him what he was doing there. Ouji stated his business, and Whitelight sort of didn't say anything for a while. Then he just nodded, and asked if Ouji would come back. Ouji said yes, and then Whitelight said that they should fight it out sometime. And he was gone. XD

          We HAD to try and get rid of the blush on the boy. XD He hasn't stopped.

  • Feather and Ragamuffin had another moment. Ragamuffin seems to know when Feather's in trouble and comes swooping in at the nick of time... /:) Is this a sign?
  • Swordie brought a present for Split. /:) Whoooaaa... How nice of him to bring him some apple pie. ^_^ Everyone knows Split loves sweet things, and Swordie's being unbelievably sweet... Carefull Ripper doesn't kill you, sweetie. XD
  • Merlin's still blind, but Hercules is looking after him. XD He's being awful kind, holding his hands all the time...
  • and last, but not the least, Bluebird is making progress. Gasp! She's raking up dangerous conclusions!!

But of course, danger's our middle name. (smirks) We're bad and we mean that in every way possible.

You know you love me!