* Note: The names of the people, places and events concerned have been changed or abbreviated to protect the innocent. Namely, me.

The kids who know it feels good to be bad are back, and me, your local Citizen gossip girl have been all but too ready to monitor the goings on! And in the aftermath of the big fight, something BIG is about to explode...

The Distressing Tidings
People are not happy. Nope. Not happy at all. It's a mix of anger, frustration, and disappointment. Heavy, HEAVY disappointment. The kids were let down, and they will NOT take that sitting down. We love some, we hate some. But all I'm saying is--I'm sure glad that some people are happy. Because after a big letdown like this, the injured Citizens might just dish a bit of letting down as well...

The Scent of Breakup Is In The Air...
I distinctly recall a promise saying that someone would be there when someone needed help. Protection. Or at least aid. That sort of thing. Looks like few people have actually got the balls to keep that promise. Damn proud of those few precious ones. But now trouble will be a-brewing. We come running when there's trouble, that can't be denied. We usually handle our own things on our own as well, but when push comes to shove--who'll be there to shove back with us? Come on, any takers? Going once? Twice? (hits gavel) Sold!

Merlin is being cared for by Hercules over there. Poor thing's practically blind. And the kids of the caravan are elbowing each other--mmm, I feel a change in the wind, says I! After all, Hercules is the one there, being attentive... And if Merlin needs anything, that's knowing that someone's got his back.

Funerals were being said for the dead ones, although hardly anyone in the city's going to buy this. The question is to resurrection. To live or not to live! That is the question! Hardly anyone cared that they died to begin with--one did, that kind, sweet one--so what would be the point? Let 'em rest. Their (eherm) significants don't seem to mind them alive, neither when dead... But the kind sweet one who cared will be reimbursed in full, no problems there. A Libra's a Libra--we take into account every action, every gesture, every word said--each one worth its weight in gold if you want to keep good ties. Equivalent Exchange, as dear Alchemist says. You care, we care. You don't care, we can't care less.

The Twin Titans are being shipped back home? Are their injuries that serious? Uh--duh? 

You know what? Let them have their fun. We'll have our own fun too. That way, everybody will be having fun. And even better, the Foreigners are in this jamboree too. The only rule here is--keep to your own party. Because remember, gatecrashing where you're not wanted is dangerous. (grin) Attention all Citizens! Injured or not! Consider yourselves free to party--and tonight, we're going to shake down this place. Let them smile, let them dance. And wait for Karma (or if their Conscience chooses to bite, whichever comes first) to kick in!!

And remember--you are who you hang with, so watch yourselves. 

You know you love me!