* Note: The names of the people, places and events concerned have been changed or abbreviated to protect the innocent. Namely, me.

The kids who know it feels good to be bad are back, and me, your local Citizen gossip girl have been all but too ready to monitor the goings on! At the closing of the MCity Grand Prix there's been another celebration! A day one, this time--one wonders, do our dark sides only come out at night? Will we veritable angels during the day?

You wish.

Ragamuffin is seen clipping Feather on the elbow and taking him somewhere a little more private as the party continues to rage in Hampton Square. Probably to celebrate. Probably one hell of a celebration, because though you can't hear what they're saying, Ragamuffin gives Feather something in a box, and Feather opens it, and then after a bit of a moment pounces on him in an embrace. /:) Woooow.... What was the present?
: Something that Feather would kill for. Something he had been looking for for a very long time.

Icy is seen at The Quill looking for books along with Fiery. They seem very close and having an incredibly good time. /:) Especially since Fiery paid for the books and was rewarded by a kiss on the cheek from Icy. They hug, they smooch, they get in his car, and leave.

Princess was found speaking to Merlin. Both didn't seem very happy--I guess they were exchanging unhappy tidings. One would notice yet another severe injury on Merlin's arm. It'll heal on its own, of course. But Princess? Speaking to Merlin? About what? /:) Must be that plan...

She's Got the Fever
We're not incredibly big fan's of Merlin's mother, that's for sure. Unlike some of the more remarkable mommies in the city, she's kind of...nuts. And Merlin commonly pays the price. It's not a wonder that he doesn't want to stay at home, preferring to hang around with his compatriots. However, his lover also speaks little about him (much less ask for him--or at least I notice, these days), so he has nowhere to go but wander around. However, there's always trusty Hercules who keeps him protected--and has been doing so for years and years now. /:) Is it a sign? They were seen at one corner of the gardens, Hercules tending Merlin's wounds. /:) You decide.

Sing it, Baby!
Orpheus released a single! Wow, actor/model/rock star? Aren't you a little bit too much of a dream come true? At least I think so and I know that you're one of the most unbaggable boys in the city, yet your girlfriend managed you--though she hasn't mentioned you in months... Oh well, she'll come around. ^_^ Probably to kill you once she hears that the new single - You Are - is NOT about her. It's about Dexter over there, and let me tell you, President is already seething. XD You go kid! Now that's what I call going for what you want!

Split's close. REALLY close. To scramming. But because he's really tolerant, he stays. Awwww.... At least you've got Swordie, right? Hey, I heard that you guys are coming to the wedding rehearsals. EVERYONE is. Ah, weddings... Romantics shower fluff over it, girls gush over it, and lovers fantasize about it--at least they do here. XD But it's going to be jampacked with tension from the rings, to the "I dos". /:) After all, the best part is when the priest says, "If there is anyone here who objects to this holy union, speak now or forever hold your peace."

And that's when the party REALLY starts. /:) So mind you behave, boys and girls. And by "behave", I trust you know exactly what I mean. (smirks)

You know you love me!